Investment Signals

Stocktimer monitors the worldwide most popular Metals Commodities, Energy Commodities and Agricultural Commodities daily, looking for the best Investment opportunities. We do this by investigating what the big stock traders are anticipating.

We follow these Commodities:

agriculturepalm oil
agriculture animalFeeder cattle
agriculture animalLean hog
agriculture animalLive cattle
agriculture basicCotton
agriculture basicMaize
agriculture basicmilk
agriculture basicoat
agriculture basicrice
agriculture basicSoybean meal
agriculture basicSoybean oil
agriculture basicSoybeans
agriculture basicWheat
agriculture luxuryCocoa
agriculture luxuryCoffee
agriculture luxuryorange juice
agriculture luxurySugar
energy heatingHeating oil
energy heatingNatural gas
energy transportGasoline
energy transportWti
metal industrialaluminum
metal industrialCopper
metal industrialiron oar
metal industriallead
metal industrialnickel
metal industrialtin
metal industrialzinc
metal preciousGold spot
metal preciousPalladium
metal preciousPlatinum
metal preciousSilver world spot

The investment term of the signals is desirably some weeks, but of course, depending on market situation it can vary. A Signal is always provided with a Moving Stoploss zone and a Price Target zone.

Don’t miss anything, check daily.

Our Investment Signals can arise at any moment throughout weekdays and weekends.

The Signals can simply be viewed free of charge for every visitor to the site. The site refreshes itself automatically with each new Signal. So feel welcome as visitor at daily for the best Trades. We wish you Happy trading, Make Money!

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