All Indications, TradingTips, Trade Signals, Investment Signals, Investment Chances, Portfolio, Trendsignals, Notifications, Tradeplans, Sessions, Specials, Analysis, Alerts, Articles, Investments, Scenarios, Tips, Opportunities, Expectations and further information are created with the utmost care. But trading on the stock market involves risks and can cost money. The Indications, TradingSignals, Trendsignals, Investment Signals, Investment Chances, Portfolio, Notifications, Plans, Analysis, Trading Opportunities, Alerts, Articles, Investment Opportunities, Scenarios, Sessions, Tips and further information are not investment advice. You always make your own investment decisions, at your own moments, with your own instruments, trade size and stop loss. And also whether you let a trade go overnight, or even over the weekend, is entirely your own choice. Stocktimer does not accept any responsibility for the use of the information provided by Stocktimer, by anyone, in any way whatsoever, and the resulting consequences. Stocktimer also does not accept any responsibility for consequences of any kind, for example technical problems such as internet failures, incorrect, unclear or incomplete price information.

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