Quite frequently Stocktimer also publishes Trendsignals on the most popular other Stock Indexes and Currencies, but also on Commodities. For the longer investment term, which is absolutely rather multiple weeks than just a couple of days. But also here, the same as we deliver our Tradesignal followers who are used to our shorter term Trade Signals/Sessions on the Nasdaq and the USD/JPY, we also deliver trade info with it -so Moving Stoploss suggestion and also Price Target suggestion- with these trendsignals.

So longer term investors, just like our short term traders, you also please feel welcome at The door is always open here for Almost everyone, as you must know. Enjoy Happy Trading/Investing, and don’t forget, Make Money!

Here’s the List of Assets on which you can expect our Trendsignals:

CatInStrFuture/Cfd Symbol
energy commoditiesheating oilHO
energy commoditiesnatural gasNG
energy commoditiesbrent oilEB
energy commoditiesgasolineRB
energy commoditieswti oilCL
agriculture commoditiescocoaCC
agriculture commoditiescoffeeKC
agriculture commoditiescottonCT
agriculture commoditiesfeeder cattleGF
agriculture commoditieslean hogHE
agriculture commoditieslive cattleLE
agriculture commoditiesmaizeZC
agriculture commoditiessoybeansZS
agriculture commoditiessugarSB
agriculture commoditieswheatZW
(precious) metal commoditiescopperHG
(precious) metal commoditiesgoldXAU
(precious) metal commoditiespalladiumPA
(precious) metal commoditiesplatinumPL
(precious) metal commoditiessilverXAG